Are you well-prepared for the rectal examination?

Prepared for unpleasantness, shame, fear & pain?

You should get a First Aid Kit for rectal examination to have:

  • Less pain & shame!
  • Less fear!
  • Less misundersanding
  • Less mistreat
  • More confidence!
  • More effenctiveness!

2 hazardous misconception

1. Our Limited Information

No doubt you have already prepared for a rectal examination that involves less unpleasantness and results in greater success!
We go to a proctologist to have our rectal problems treated. But we usually have only dangerously limited and erroneous, misunderstood information regarding the rectal examination, and therefore we are not able to prepare adequately for a proctoscopy. As a result, we make lots of mistakes before, during, and after the rectal examination, which can even endanger our health.

2. Our Misleading Information

What should we do with other people’s stories and advice?
There is a lot of hard to verify, misleading, downright frightening, and positively dangerous information out there regarding rectal examinations and proctoscopies. As a proctologist, with more than ten thousand examinations behind me, I am often horrified to hear such things, because, more often than not, these misunderstandings, not only do not help to clarify the problem and facilitate the recovery process, but actually cause the existing condition to worsen, and can even cause new conditions to develop. Consequently, I have come to the conclusion that it is time to start with a clean slate.

How will our questions and doubts be addressed?

I have collected all that could be of interest to anyone regarding this subject, and I have rounded out the material with advice that is both professionally sound and personally acceptable.

If you would like to find out about the results of this undertaking, and about the erroneous beliefs and rumors regarding rectal examinations and proctoscopies (and the truth value thereof), as well as the facts and the advice that is essential for you to know before a rectal examination or a proctoscopy, then please sign up to receive my free informative guide, which discusses nine beliefs and misunderstandings regarding rectal examinations and proctoscopies.

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3+1 risks why we should prepare?

Are we setting off for the battle without preparations?! Doing so will jeopardize our health, perhaps our lives!


Erroneous information can jeopardize the success of a rectal examination and of the subsequent treatment, and can also result in physical pain.

1. Fail to answer well

If we have to deal with question after question from the proctologist when we are anxious and unprepared, we will often not say what we would have liked to say, or in the way we wanted to say it – that is, if we can speak at all. We will leave out many important things, and we will often use certain expressions erroneously. All this usually leads to misunderstandings between us and the examining proctologist. And the most important part comes next!

2. Fail to do well

If during the rectal examination or proctoscopy, which follows the questions, we fail to do what the proctologist requests, due to our lack of preparedness and our anxiety, we thereby thwart the progress of the examination. And this is not all.
In the absence of advance preparation, involuntary, spontaneous reactions, unlucky movements can cause a horrible, ripping sensation of pain during the rectal examination.

 3. Fail to be examined well

As a result, the rectal examination often has to be cut short, which renders the examination less than adequately thorough.
Incorrect or misunderstood answers, or a rectal examination interrupted due to pain will likely not uncover the real problem that is causing the condition. Needless to say, treatment started for the wrong condition, and which is therefore most likely erroneous, is not likely to be successful.

+1. Fail to get well

Consequently, it often happens that, due to our lack of preparation, we are unable to get well, despite the best efforts of the proctologist. Our mistakes can make the treatment useless, or in some cases even dangerous and harmful. Therefore, if we do not prepare adequately, we are playing Russian roulette with our health, our very lives.

Solution for all that dangers

What is the solution? I have some good news.


The correct information you have received will ensure the success of the rectal examination, which leads to substantially less unpleasantness, and the treatment too will be more fruitful.
We do have solutions for these problems. Just as we have to prepare appropriately for a rectal examination or proctoscopy, so also our recovery does not depend on chance, but in large measure on our own actions.

1. Answering well

By preparing for the questions of the proctologist, we can diminish our sense of anxiety, and we will also know the correct answers.

This knowledge will in and of itself make us more self-confident. Because we are able to prepare ahead of time, even if we are confused during the examination, we will not leave out anything important as we answer the questions of the proctologist. We will know what sort of information the proctologist is looking for, and therefore we can give the appropriate answer to any given question. Because the proctologist receives the required information, the rectal examination or proctoscopy, which now follows our appropriate answers, will be much more successful, as will, of course, the subsequent treatment.

2. Knowing well

By preparing for the rectal examination or proctoscopy, we will know what will happen to us during the examination.

In consequence, we become more courageous at the proctologist. We do not feel that things merely happen to us; we do not feel so vulnerable, humiliated, and full of shame. We will not feel so disturbed. During the rectal examination or proctoscopy too, we will be more likely to retain control over our body, forestalling its unwanted, dangerous reactions.

3. Doing well

By preparing, we will know what to do to keep the rectal examination or proctoscopy free of pain.

By engaging in the appropriate preparations, the rectal examination or proctoscopy will be much less unpleasant, despite the fact that the proctologist will be able to examine us much more thoroughly. The more thorough rectal examination or proctoscopy has a higher chance of shining the light on the real condition causing our symptoms, and consequently, the treatment of the illness will be much more successful and fruitful.

+1. Getting well

By preparing, we will know how to help the proctologist’s examination and effort well.

Because we are providing the appropriate answers in response to the proctologist’s questions, we also act appropriately in response to his or her requests, and therefore the rectal examination or proctoscopy itself will be much more thorough and smooth. As a result, we will be done with it sooner, and with less unpleasantness. A more thorough and successful rectal examination or proctoscopy is far more likely to discover the true cause of our symptoms, and thereby both the examination and the treatment will be much more successful. All this can truly guarantee our recovery.

You will receive a free informative email mini course in eight parts.

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+ proctologist’s questionnaire

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+ check list

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+ the most popular informative guide

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„A Dozen Tips for Acquiring the Correct Habits for Defecation”

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